Although you can learn a great deal from studying the past, you can only invest in the future. Furthermore, historical performance is functionally related to the growth a given company (stock) achieves. Consequently, if future growth changes dramatically (as it often does) that stands to reason that future performance will adjust accordingly. Simply stated, this suggests that historical valuation references may not apply to future results. As a result, forecasting future growth is essential to investment success.

The FAST Graphs, fundamentals analyzer software tool, provides subscribers numerous forecasting capabilities via our “Forecasting” section. There are three separate forecasting options as well as a fourth custom option that subscribers can utilize to create “what if” forecasting scenarios. With this video we will explain the many features of our “Forecasting” suite as well as how to properly utilize and interpret them.

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In this video I will cover growth stock Meta Platforms (META) and dividend paying stock Lennox International (LII)

As I said so many times, although you can learn a great deal from the past, you can only invest for the future. Consequently, forecasting future earnings of any company you are considering investing in is a major key to long-term success. Furthermore, although forecasting is full of uncertainty, it is imperative that investors apply their best judgment before laying your money down. Even though the future is full of uncertainty, and even though it would be naïve to expect forecasting to be accurate and perfect, does not say that it cannot be done within a reasonable range of certainty. As Warren Buffett once so eloquently put it: “I would rather be approximately right than precisely wrong.”

Furthermore, forecasting is often helpful to run numerous what-if scenarios such as best case, worst case, and most likely case. To me the important principle is that in order to be a prudent investor, you must always run the numbers through to their logical conclusion. Consequently, FAST Graphs has designed our forecasting calculators to help subscribers do just that. In this video I will stress the importance of forecasting and simultaneously how to utilize our tool to do it effectively.