Screening Tool

The Screening Tool by FAST Graphs

Screening gives you the ability to quickly find new stocks. Different metrics, historical data, and estimate data can be easily added or removed at any time to customize the screen. Any screen you create and like can be saved so you can reuse it later.

Create a Screen

Click on "Screening" in the navigation panel, then click "My Screens" - "Create Screen"


Customize Screen

To customize the view, click on any of the four tabs at the top:

  • General & Current
  • Historic
  • Estimated
  • 3-5 TL Gwth

General & Current

Under the General & Current section of the Screener, the general information about the company can be found. Items like Credit Rating, Sector and Sub-Industry, and Exchange can be found here. This information will be located in the FAST FACTS of the company.



The Historic section gives the ability to analyze historical growth rates, historical Normal P/Es, and historical Dividend CAGRs just to name a few. These items can be found either in the FAST FACTS of each company, or in the Performance Chart.



The Estimated section displays data only found on the Forecasting Calculator: Estimates.


3-5 TL Gwth

3-5 TL Gwth corresponds with the Forecasting Calculator: LT Growth.


Once you have made your choices from the four tabs, click "Run Query"


That will then bring up your Results
NOTE: If you have more than 500 results, you will need to narrow down your search by making additional choices and run additional queries.


You can save the screen by clicking the "Save As" button, and you can also create a portfolio by clicking the "Add to Portfolio" button.