Portfolios gives you the ability to track lists of stocks and ultimately utilize FAST Graphs to conduct research. From the "Portfolios" menu, you’ll be able to create portfolios, review the portfolio, immediately graph the portfolio, edit the list of tickers, and edit the Buys and Sells for the individual stocks within it.

Here is a short tutorial on Portfolios

Create a Portfolio

To create a portfolio, go to the "Portfolios" tab, click "My Portfolios" - "Create Portfolio."


Type the name in the entry box and hit "Create Portfolio."


You will be taken to a screen to "add tickers" into the portfolio. Enter the tickers of all the companies you want added to the portfolio with spaces between them (Only put the ticker symbol in, do not put the exchange in.) and hit "Update". Your portfolio will then be listed on the main portfolio screen.


Once you have a portfolio created, the main screen will show the portfolio name, followed by the number of stocks in the portfolio, and then followed by these columns:

  • Symbol
  • Exchange
  • Company
  • Price

Create View

Clicking on "Create View" will bring you to the Portfolio Review for the selected portfolio. From here, you’ll be able to customize the view of the portfolio and sort on specific metrics that you are looking for to help understand the value of the stock. You’ll also be able to draw any stock in the portfolio as a FAST Graph by clicking on the ticker.


To name this view, go in the "Name" box and title your view. Once you have chosen your fields, click the blue "Create" button.

In this example below we have named the portfolio "testing123" and have put a checkmark in "Exchange" - "Credit Rating" - "Current Price as Close" - "Long-Term Debt/Capital" - "P/E" - remember to complete by clicking "Create."


From here you can then click on a ticker and go to graphing, or you can "edit" your view and add more metrics. You can move your columns in different positions, and also sort your columns from ascending to descending.

NOTE: You can create as many views as you like.



To help track your investments, you can add buys and sells to your portfolios.

When you add buy and/or sell transactions, they will show up on the Historical Graph and Forecasting Calculators as buy (green) and sell (red) dots and display a calculated average cost line. With this, you can compare your cost basis to the stock price.

1186 1207

Add a Transaction

To add a transaction, go to your "Holdings" tab.
From here you can use the "Import Transactions" button and import your buys and sells, or you can click the "Transactions" link to the right of each company and add the information in.


To Add a Transaction, click "Transactions" for the ticker, a pop-up will appear with five fields:

  • Date
  • Buy/Sell
  • Shares
  • Per Share
  • Total

First add your date, buy or sell, how many shares, per share number, it will auto-populate the total by clicking in the box, then click "Add New Transaction"


Once you have added your transactions, simply "X" out of the pop-up window, that will take you back to "Holdings."

Now click the ticker symbol of the buy and/or sell that you just inputted and that will take you to the Historical Graph where you will be able to see the green buy dot and/or the red sell dot.


Edit Transactions

You can add to or edit the transactions of that specific stock in that specific portfolio by clicking on the dollar sign "$" in the upper right corner. The same pop-up as described will appear where you can Edit, Delete, and/or Add a New Transaction.


REMEMBER: In order to see your buys and sells, you must be in the specific portfolio that you added those transactions in.