BETA - International Stocks

We’re excited to announce that FAST Graphs has launched its International Data plan, offering our subscribers access to 80,000 stocks across the globe. This is a significant expansion from the previous 20,000 US and Canadian stocks available.

With this new feature, subscribers can now analyze and evaluate stocks from different countries and regions, and can even select the currency of their choice for added convenience.

During the beta period, all paid subscribers can access international stocks at no additional cost. After the beta period, there will be an additional cost to access international data, but we’re confident that our subscribers will find it to be a valuable investment.

As always, our goal is to provide our subscribers with the most comprehensive and affordable stock research tool available. We believe that the addition of international data will offer more opportunities for diversification and informed investment decisions.

Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to providing you with more updates and features in the future.